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DNB 2012-2013

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2DB-Break The Walls EP-TECH085-WEB-2012
2DB-Ghetto Boy Blunderbus-(TECH088)-WEB-2012
2Sides-Furchtlosigkeit vs Strong Day-BSDGTL023-WEB-2012
2SIDES-Tes Peurs EP-DISTURBD2012002-WEB-2012
3 Cities Connection EP (ADDIG006X)
A.I. and Command Strange-Mad One Broken Ground-(METHPLA013)-WEB-2012
A.M.C-Noise of Thunder EP-(TITAN007)-WEB-2012
Able Danger & Torment - Danger Room EP (SSNDMP3023)
Absurd-Somewhere In Space-TCYCLED012-2012
A-Cray-Unstable EP-(ZENITH012)-WEB-2013
Adam F - Colours 1997
Aeph vs Neonlight and Hackage-The Burning Shadow(C2D008)-WEB-2011
Agressor Bunx And Neutral Point-Revelation EP-DISTURBED2012007 EP-2012 Plangton
Agressor Bunx-Aliance EP-(RZD004)-WEB-2012
Agressor Bunx-Apollo 18 EP-(DISTURBED2012003)-WEB-2012-D23
AK1200 - Shoot To Kill 2002
Al Pack-Trumpet Piano Bass Drums-PTB024-WEB-2012
Alcrani and Smote-Cleanse vs Ratamahatta-VR021-WEB-2012
Alexus-Perfect Day Paradiso-(LQDZ017)-WEB-2012
Alix Perez and Specific-Dub Rock-(HZN007)-WEB-2012-COiN
Allied-Voices In Exile EP-(SYNDROME2012004)-WEB-2012
Alter Ego-Coming Back Are You Ready-(DOTR001)-WEB-2012
Amoss-Footloose VIP - Lost Souls-(HZNX005)-WEB-2013
Amoss-Glurg Monster-CYC004-2012
Amoss-State Of Suspension EP-DIS060-WEB-2012
Amparo - Gone Astray EP (SDRRLS68)
Amplitude - What You Feel EP
Andrezz-Compassion EP-(SDRRLS52)-WEB-2012
Andrezz-Resistance EP-(LV032DD)-WEB-2013
Andy Pain & Z Connection - Outsider (DMND013)
Andy Pain And Z Connection-The Runaway EP-DUADIGI003 EP-2012
Anile and Krakota-Extinction of Kind vs Redirection-RECIPE028-WEB-2012
Annix - Jazzing EP
Aquasion-The Boombastic EP-(PZD032)-WEB-2012-D23
Artifice - Ain't A Game Spinner-WEB-2012
A-Sides - Based Upon Bass (EastDD03)
Asphexia-Angry Toys EP-[C2DMP3042]-[WEB 320]-[2012]
Atlantic Connection-Can You Feel It-ACM004-2012 Plangton
Atmospherix-Confessions-ARX036 EP-2012 Plangton
Atmospherix-System Break-IMLTD1206-2012
Audio-Fall Back vs Rust-HWARE21-WEB-2012
Audio-Soulmagnet-VRS010CD-2012 Plangton
Bachelors Of Science-Beast-CODER001-2012
Bad Ace-Libra EP-(C2DMP3036)-WEB-2012
Bank-Soul Cycle EP-(SDRRLS77)-WEB-2013
Bassface Sascha-Grasshopper Drop Bass-(HOOB005)-WEB-2012-D23
Bazil-Monsters Grave Soulfire-(ALIGN006)-WEB-2012
Bcee-Remix The System-(SPEARCD007)-WEB-2012
Beat 70-Summer 2EP-BET007-2012 Plangton
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz - Panoramic EP [INTRIGUE008]
Benny Page-Jungle Assassin Vol 1-CULTURE007DG-WEB-2012
Benny Page-Jungle Assassins Vol. 3-(CULTURE010BP)-WEB-2013
Benny Page-Top Rank Skank vs Know Fi Move Your Waist-CULTURE006DG-WEB-2012
Best of Trust in Music - The remixes (TRIM005free)
Beta 2, Zero Tolerance - Love Finds Me Red Hand (CIAUKDK005)
Big Bud-Blue and Green-FILMCD006-2012
Billain-Total Darkness Fiber Twist-(RA005)-WEB-2012-D23
Billion Feat Codebreaker and Sense-Defence-(ALIGN010)-WEB-2012
Bionic1-Heavy Handed-RLDIG010-2012
Bionic1-M-Atome Digital 014-(MATDIG014)-WEB-2013
Bios Destruction-Elipse EP-(DATAMOD048)-WEB-2012
Bios Destruction-Legend of the Moon-(SUS0047)-WEB-2012
Black Box Two - (BT030DD] - WEB-2013
Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows [BSELP006] [2012]
Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows Remix EP
Black Sun Empire-Firing Squad Remix Red Velvet VIP-(BSE008)-WEB-2008-DEF
Black Sun Empire-From the Shadows Album Sampler-BSELP006SAMDG-WEB-2012
Bladerunner-Late Night Caller Fusion-(PRGRAM007D)-WEB-2013
Ble3k - Exile EP (ARDIG083)
Bluescreens - Bad Reasoning For Real (2011)
Body and Soul and Fourward-No One Here-MFR020BP-WEB-2012
Boosta and Atmos T-Safari EP-MHERTZDIGI012-WEB-2013
Borderline-Borderline EP-(SOM022)-WEB-2012-D23
Borderline-Out Of Sight EP-(SMPTM010)-WEB-2012
Bowsar-Pantheon EP-(DATAMOD049)-WEB-2013
Braincrack - Bad Business (Remix EP)-(BSHAKA013)-WEB-2013
Braincrack-Broken Reality EP-(OIKD018)-WEB-2013
Bredren-Pestilence EP-(PROX033)-WEB-2012-D23
Brokendrum-In My Dreams Smile-(SVR004)-WEB-2012
BTK - Megahertz Be Yourself-(HWARE24D)-WEB-2013
Budoka - Tin Can Floating-(SRBEDIGI015)-WEB-2012
C A B L E-Migrations EP-ARX035-WEB-2012
Cabbie-The Power Block-FORM12154D EP-2012 Plangton
Calibre-Judgement Day EP-REDSEAL005-WEB-2010
Calibre-Rennaisance EP-PRINT007-WEB-2012
Calibre-Temple Step vs Simple Emotion-SIG018-WEB-2012
Calyx and Teebee-Scavenger Stepping Stones-(RAM116D)-WEB-2012-D23
Calyx Teebee-All Or Nothing-RAMMLP15D-2012 Plangton
Calyx Teebee-Elevate This Sound-RAMM120D-2012 Plangton
Cause4concern and Neonlight-Never Acid Again-(C4CDIGUK012)-WEB-2012-D23
Cause4Concern-Alchemist EP-C4CDIGUK015-WEB-2012
Cause4concern-Jinx - Lowlife-(C4CDIGUK016)-WEB-2012
Centrik - Need Loving EP
Cern and Sabre-Pinch Me Hollow Moon-(DIS064D)-WEB-2013
Cern and Verb Vs DBR UK and Mtwn-Degeneration-(DISLTD008)-WEB-2013
Certified Sickness-Fires of War-LAYDIG008-WEB-2013
Chris.SU - Illusions (OBSE016)
Chris Su and Trei Vs Disphonia-Pocket Dial Headfirst-(SOM021)-WEB-2012-D23
Chris Su Falkon-Enter When Ready-SPEARLTD014-2012 Plangton
Chroma-Acetate (PRGRAM005D)-WEB-2012
Chroma-Ricochet Always Be-(COMMERCIAL005)-WEB-2012-D23
Chromatic-Physics Of Emotion EP-FLXA010 EP-2012
Clarity-Forensics Skirmish-(BMUSIC009)-WEB-2012-D23
Codeshaper & Dayni - Anaconda EP (TRNSLDIGI015)
Codeshaper & - Battle Scars Teenage Riot DYSFM003
Command Strange - Takeover (DKMV001)-2013
Command Strange and Malaky-Hyperbug Regrets-(HZN062)-WEB-2013
Command Strange-Black Hat You and Me-(INTEGRAL025)-WEB-2013
Command Strange-Rock Steady EP-(FOKUZ056)-WEB-2013
Command Strange-Roxstar EP-(DCUK002)-WEB-2012-D23
Commercial Suicide-Phil Tangent-SUICIDE069-VINYL-2013-sour
Concord Dawn – Loophole Hendricks
Concord Dawn-Air Chrysalis--WEB-2012
Cooh and CA2K-Wasp Excavator-(SICK015)-WEB-2012-D23
Cooh Vs C-Netik and Fragz-Open Your Mind Six Feet Ditch-(YSR005)-WEB-2012
COOH-Rebirth LP-(PC086D)-WEB-2013
Cosmology – Danger In Your Soul-WEB-2012
Counterstrike-Chrimbo Volume 2 EP-WEB-2012
Counterstrike-Fire EP-(ALGO011)-WEB-2012
Craggz and Parallel-Product Placement EP-PRODUCT013D-WEB-2012
CRIM 005-Kjah - The Contender EP - Criminal Digital-2013-320
Criminal Intent feat BBK-Prey-(BSHAKA002)-WEB-2012-ALKi
Critical Impact-Only Girl Chinese Burns-(SKYZ010)-WEB-2012-D23
Critical Waves-Directive Motion EP-(DTREP004)-WEB-2012
Critycal Dub-The Deep Side EP-LV029-WEB-2012
Critycal Dub-Times Ticking vs Smooth Dub-PMD002-WEB-2012
Cruel Culture-Parabel Ethos-(MTRD005)-WEB-2013
Culture Shock-I Remember Troglodyte-(RAMM117D)-WEB-2012-D23
Current Value - Quantum Physics LP (BWARE013)
CUTWORKS-Stuck In A Dream-CLS022-2012
D Iolax-The Dark Knight EP-(YSFDNB017)-WEB-2013
D Kay-Individual Soul-BRIGCD001-CD-2007
Dabs-Lockdown vs Think Dirt-RLDIG011-WEB-2012
Dan Guidance-Part of Something Dubwah-(DNBB040)-WEB-2012
Danny Byrd-Grit-(NHS226DD)-WEB-2013
DANOO-Basswerk Files 057 Danoo-BWF057-2012
Dave Owen-Nocturnal EP-(PRANA004)-WEB-2013
DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals–Night Vision E.P-(CYC008)-WEB-2012
DC Breaks-Shaman vs Let It Go-RAMM127-WEB-2013
Decimal Bass-Fantasiza EP-(INN053)-WEB-2012
Decimal Bass-Foundation EP-SMOKEDIG005-WEB-2012
Decoder-Concussion-TILP001-2012 Plangton
Decon-Can't Take that Key Version-(JAZZ009)-WEB-2013
Deeper Vision Remixed Vol.1 (2013)
Defazed-Am I Dreaming EP-(TRIM035)-WEB-2012
Definitions Of The Deep III (RD017)
Defo-Stealth-HUSDEP010 EP-2012
Dementia & Proktah & Deadline - Polarstern EP (FKZLTD2012008)
Dephzac feat. Trilo, Negative & Ironic – Nympha EP
Derrick & Tonika - Poison Green - FILM047
Detail-Exhaustion Resonance-(COMMERCIAL007)-WEB-2013
Dexcell-The Lights-BA003-2012
Dextems-Deception vs Assault-TAMP3044-WEB-2012
Dextems-The Voyager EP-OBSCENE028EP-WEB-2013
Dextems-When the Sun Goes Down LP-(TAMP3046)-WEB-2013
Dialogue-Freedom Of Speech-EMR008-WEB-2013
Dimension Ft Cyantific-Digital World Detroit-(CYN004)-WEB-2012-D23
Dioptrics, John Rolodex, Rene LaVice - Hornet Head EP-(WEB)-2012
Disphonia And Kantyze-Zig Zag-TRIM033-2012
Disprove - In The Lab (ARDIG090)
Divided By Zero-Panic Attack (Silent Code Remix)-(PHIL010)-WEB-2012
DJ Marky Ya' Thang You Know INN050 [320-WEB-2012]
DJ Chap-Inna Streets EP-(LV028DD)-WEB-2012
Dj Clart-The Grind EP-FOKUZ2012014-WEB-2012
DJ Devize-Da Beast Enforcer V.I.P-(3DMODEDIG02)-WEB-2012
DJ Fresh Feat Dizzee Rascal-The Power-(MOS229EP)-WEB-2012
DJ Hazard-Never the Same EP-(PLAYAZ032D)-WEB-2012
DJ MANGA-Its Behind You-NTB020-WEB-2013
DJ Marky and Makoto Vs TI-Sounds of the Innerground Pt. 3-(INN058)-WEB-2013
DJ Marky and S.P.Y. Submorphics-Sounds of the Innerground Pt.1-(INN056)-WEB-2013
Dj Westy feat Papa Rudy-Foundations-AAR003-WEB-2013
Does Not Compute Series Vol 1 (Mr Joseph & Any Skopes Presents Does Not Compute) (PLV027DD)
Dom and Roland-Strobe Goliath-(DRP009T)-WEB-2012
Dominator and TI-Freak Dark Age-(INN049DB)-WEB-2012-D23
Donnie Dubson-Transition-FOKUZ2012019 EP-2012 Plangton
Donny & Audio & Forbidden Society-Creator Destroyer Burn It Down-(FSRECS009)-WEB-2013
Dose-Self Control-SUBTITLESUK017-2012 Plangton
Dr Meaker-Fighter Music in the Night-(PLV025DD)-WEB-2012
Dramatic and Dbaudio - Far Away (Total Science Remix)-(MARS006)-WEB-2012
Dramatic and Dbaudio Vs Blade-The Pretender-(BRREC003)-WEB-2012
dRamatic and dbAudio-Flex Through The Solar System vs Takeover-INN051D-WEB-2012
Dramatic And Dbaudio-Verified-LV027DD EP-2012
Dream Thief Volume 3 (HZNCD09)
Disc 1
Disc 2
DRS-Count To Ten-Holding On-(SOULR055)-WEB-2012
DRS-I Dont Usually Like MCs But-SOULR057-WEB-2012
Drum Cypha-Year of the Minotaur E P-SRBEDIGI016-WEB-2012
Dub Phizix Feat Skittles-Im A Creator-(EXIT043)-WEB-2013
DuoScience & A-Negative - Basket Case EP
Duoscience with Scott Allen - I Found You INFLUENZA002
Duoscience And Msdos-Picturesque-FOKUZ2012012 EP-2012
Duoscience and Salaryman-Lazy Lover EP-(INFLUENZA030)-WEB-2013
DuoScience-Golden Curls EP-(SDRRLS55)-WEB-2012
DuoScience-Late Night-(LQT019)-WEB-2012
DuoScience-Sinai EP-INTLG055-WEB-2013
Duoscience-Solid EP-LUV042-WEB-2012
Dv2r-Beyond the Glass EP-(YSFDNB018)-WEB-2013
Dv2R-Damn Where Am I EP-C2DMP3037-WEB-2012
Dv2R-Twist EP-YSFDNBC004-WEB-2012
Dynamic And Blade-Changing Times-INFLUENZA001 EP-2012 Plangton
Dynamic And Command Strange-Girls EP-EXPRESS008 EP-2012 Plangton
Dynamic and Intelligent Manners-Transatlantic Love Story-(PMD004)-WEB-2012
Dynamic Vs Pixel-Soul Hypnosis EP-(FOKUZ13030)-WEB-2013
Dynamic-Sleepy Heartland vs Momentary Switch-SVR002-WEB-2012
Ed it Feat Aldo-Repercussions Shutter-(BMT012D)-WEB-2012
Ed Solo & Stickybuds - Jungle Cakes Vol 17-(JC 017)-WEB-2013
Effect - Retreat-(T3K037)-WEB-2012
Effect-Little Techno Kid Abel-(PERKDNB014)-WEB-2012-D23
EFFECT-Little Techno Kid vs Abel-PERKDNB014-WEB-2012
Ego Trippin - Angle Face--HDD002--WEB-2012
Eiton-Heads Or Tails LP-T3KLP888 LP-2012 Plangton
Eiton-Misophonia EP-(T3KEXT888)-WEB-2013
Electrosoul System - Fish Eat Duck
eleven8-Hadal Zone vs Across the Sky-BMT011-WEB-2012
Emery and Semi Sense-Winter Colours EP-(INFLUENZA033)-WEB-2013
Emperor-The Fire Smokescreen-(NDGTL004)-WEB-2012
Enei and Mefjus-Cracker VIP vs Crawlers-CRITLP05LTD-WEB-2012
Evasion-Silence Is Too Much-EMOTION012-2012 Plangton
Facing Jinx - Emotions EP (PPRDINTL020)
Fade - Raw Deal - Face Off [FADED001]-WEB-2012
Fade-Handmade Rage Waterfall-(FLXA013)-WEB-2013
Fade-Urban Rythm EP-(FADED004)-WEB-2013
Faible And Maifield And Global-Soulutions EP-DNBB008-2012 Plangton
Fathom-Inject The Formula vs Talk To The Future-DAUDIO03-WEB-2011
Fearful-Tampered Cipher EP-DTREP003-WEB-2012
Fields-Behind the Curtains Elemental-(UM009)-WEB-2012-D23
Flame and nClear-Intermezzo EP-LUSH009-WEB-2013
Flame-Be With You EP-FOKUZ13036-WEB-2013
Flare-Target Zone Colony-(FFDNB004)-WEB-2012
Flowrian - Cinnamon Garden (2012)
Forbidden Society - Resist The Pressure Ep-(FSRECS008)-WEB-2012
Fourward-Aftermath EP-(APORN029)-WEB-2013-D23
Fourward-Talk to Me EP-(MFR021)-WEB-2012
Fracture-Better than Tomorrow Gangbusters-(METHXX02)-WEB-2013
Fragz-Chaos Reivented EP-(YSR002EP)-WEB-2012-D23
Frankee-Firethorn vs Pandorum-PRGRAM001D-WEB-2012
Freeze-Arrival EP-(PROX042)-WEB-2013
Full Force Cyb Orc ?– Causality Eclipse
Furney - Can Anyone Hear Me EP (TELEP001)
Furney - Charlotte's Song - If I Had (SVR001)
Furney , Paul SG & Locksmith - Musho Just A Theory [320-WEB-2012]
Furney and Dynamic-Eindhoven Times-(BRREC002)-WEB-2012-D23
Future Engineers - 2013 - Exhale Compilation (Transference Recordings 003)
Future Signal-Blood Bath-OBSCENE026-2012
Future Signal-Claymore Nemesis-(IMLTD1207)-WEB-2012-D23
Gancher and Ruin Vs Ca2k-Hardcore to Vagina-(MSD666)-WEB-2013
Gerra and Stone-Crimson EP-(PROX043)-WEB-2013
Gerwin & Nuage Featuring 2Shy - Lying Portraits -Gerwin - Soul Truth [320-WEB-2012]
Gerwin-Against The Clock vs See Thru My Eyes-IMLTD041-WEB-2013
Giocator-Better World EP-BFAD024-WEB-2012
Giocator-Dirty Cartel Prove it-(SCULTDIG010)-WEB-2012
Giocator-Moondancer EP-(DATAMOD042)-WEB-2012
Greg Packer-Paradise Voices-(IPHD020)-WEB-2012
Greg Packer-Unreleased And Remastered Vol 1 (2001-2008)-(WEB)-2012-CRN WEB
Gridlok - American Dream [WEB-320]
Gridlok - Time Goes By Chrome (P51-27)
Gridlok-Smuggler After Midnite-(PLAYAZ024-6)-WEB-2012-D23
Hallucinator & DKaos - Human Bodies
Hanzo & Randie ft. MC Shot - Dillinger, Leggins 2013
Hanzo And Randie-Colourless Nausea-SCULTDIG009-2012 Plangton
Harvest-Roots EP-CO LAB026D-WEB-2012
Heavy1 - Minimalized-RRT020-2012
Heavy1-Scramble-Voyager 2-(SMPTM009)-WEB-2011
Heavy1–Scramble-Voyager 2-(SMPTM009)-WEB-2011
Heist-Bounty Hunters Free Texts-(COLAB025DG)-WEB-2012-D23
Heitor – Believing Becoming--RBTZ016--WEB-2012
Hemoglobin - Diversity EP (AUTHENTIC002)
Hibea-White Owl EP-IMLTD1211-WEB-2013
Hightech-Inaccessible Knowledge LP-TAMP3043-2012 Plangton
Hijaq-In Further Blackness-SMTHND012-2012
HNGRDIGI 017-KONICHI-Bad JuJu EP-2013-320
HNGRDIGI017-KONICHI-Bad JuJu EP-2013-320
Hybrid - Blame-2012-WEB
Hybris-The Gravitron EP-(DIS065D)-WEB-2013
Hykario-Catch Me EP-(LFREC003)-WEB-2012
Hykario-Growing Down vs Atomix-C2DMP3039-WEB-2012
Hyroglifics-Senseless EP-(PPRDINTL019)-WEB-2012
Hyroglifics-Tape Marauders vs Undercurrent-REG008-WEB-2012
Illefex-Motor Funk Mutate-(FFNKDNB008)-WEB-2013
Incident-Triangle Teeth EP-(CITRUS2012007)-WEB-2013
Incognito-Dark Arts-(ANODYNE004)-WEB-2013
In-Deed-My Soul How You Feel-(SVR006)-WEB-2013
In-Deed-Shoulder Tap-ADDIG005X EP-2012
Inf, Thesys - Remote Control EP - (TAMP 3039) - WEB - 2012
Influenza Symptoms Vol. 2-(INFLUENZA019)-WEB-2013
Insect – Low Profile--RBTZ011--2012-WEB
InSight - You Better Know (LUV050)
Insom-Lift Up-Downgrade-(ARDIG089)-WEB-2012
Insom-Lost Dreams EP-(C2DMP3031)-WEB-2012
Intelligent Manners and Command Strange-Love Language EP-(CLS2012016)-WEB-2012-D23
Inward Phase-Killa Frequency EP-C2DMP3043-WEB-2012
Ironlung and Nu Elementz-Whoa EP-(MURDAEP04)-WEB-2012
Isaac Maya-Dubwise Brilliants Vol. 6-(DUBBDIG006)-WEB-2013
J Majik and Wickaman-Beyond Are Dreams Fight it-(RED014)-WEB-2013-D23
J Robinson and Shima-Babylon Informer Hidden Zoku-(RTS001)-WEB-2012
Jade-Smashface Test Subject-(EATBRAIN005)-WEB-2012
James Marvel - Black Machinery EP-2012-ARDIG092
Jaydan - Outlaw EP [320-WEB-2012]
Jaydan,Sam B - Insatiable - Element (INN054)
Joakim & Jojoe - Tears - 4th Floor (ALIGN008)
Joakuim - 11 Minutes & 8 Hrs (CLS2012025)
Joakuim-Automate Dark Untitled-(MSR078)-WEB-2013
Joakuim-En Attendant EP-(AMBRA007)-WEB-2013
Joakuim-Sufi and Stabz EP-(SYNDROME13008)-WEB-2013
Joe Ford-Behemoth City 17-(BT028DD)-WEB-2012
Joe Syntax-Modus Bass Fun EP-(MEDIC29DD)-WEB-2012
John Rolodex-Railroad vs I Need U-MACH007-WEB-2013
Jrumhand-Exquisite Moments EP-PZD034 EP-2012 Plangton
Jrumhand-The Slow Train South EP-(SDRRLS71)-WEB-2012
June Miller and Proxima Vs Gamma - Killswitch Engage-(DMNDLP01S)-WEB-2012
June Miller Heavy1-Turning Point Rhizaria-(NU12052)-2012
June Miller-From Autumn to Ashes Change-(RAMM131)-WEB-2013
June Miller-Shimizu Quartz Controlled-(BURIED001)-WEB-2013
Kantyze & Rico - Anode Compound Assault (DGC006)
Kantyze vs Ophlot-Crimescene EP-DISTURBD13015-WEB-2013
Kantyze-M Atome Digital 015-(MATDIG015)-WEB-2013
Katharsys-MOSTLY VIP-OBSCENE027-2012 Plangton
Kelle and Juha-Broken Sculptures EP-LQBDIG092-WEB-2012
Kelle-Super Scientific EP-(DISTURBD13013)-WEB-2013
Keosz & Trilo-Pride EP-(FKZLTD12009)-WEB-2012
Keosz and Fearful-Obedience Stand Alone-(FFDNB005)-WEB-2012
Keosz and Im3 Vs Duoscience-Extant Echo EP-(DTREP002)-WEB-2012
Keypa-Last Breach EP-RFDD025-WEB-2012
Kije - Time, Apathy VIP 2013
Kije-Echo EP-DUADIGI004-WEB-2012
Kije-Violet Ray Last Will-(FFDNB006)-WEB-2012
Kodo-Rough Trade-(BURIED004)-WEB-2013
Kolectiv-Trigonometry EP-(PROX039)-WEB-2013
Komatic and Technicolour-Dickinsons Rocket the Entire City-(BDT010)-WEB-2012
Koncept-Outer Space-CUE005DG-WEB-2012
Konichi - Simulator Music EP
Konichi - Stubborn EP (HNGRDIGI012)
Konichi-Noise Police-G13DEP006-WEB-2006
kRoNe & Malsum - Nexus 6, Th3 Sourc3 FKZLTD029
Kubiks & Lomax ?– Speak Life
kubiks & lomax – speak life
Kubiks-Blurred Vision-(RRCD03)-WEB-2009
L 33 & Scinetyc - Sayanora EP CITRUS2012003
L 33-Robot Chase-(SCULTDIG005)-WEB-2012-D23
L A O S-Finally-BEWA1002-WEB-2012
L33-Mirage Sequence (L 33 Remix)-(FFDNB009)-WEB-2013
Laroque-Bad Girls vs Vishnu-WLNT001-WEB-2012
Larrge-Inner - Involve-(SCULTDIG012)-WEB-2013-YOU
Larrge-Stop Motion EP-(ICARUSDIG005)-WEB-2012
Lethal - Eurocrash SSNDMP3019
Lethal-Darkslider vs Polymorph-PERKDNB017-WEB-2013
Link-Sensi EP-(LAYDIG005)-WEB-2012
Liquid Drops 1 Year-(LDBEST1)-(2013)
Liquid Drops 1 Year (2013)
Liz-E-the Last Time Something Inside-(SGN031)-WEB-2013
LM1 And Future Engineers-Shape Of Things-SDRRLS50 EP-2012
Logam and Mayhem-Ouroboros vs Centuria-SAN002-WEB-2012
LoKo-Bassline Secret vs Shadows-PRGRAM004D-WEB-2012
London Elektricity -- Medical History (NHSDL06)
London Elektricity ?– Medical History (NHSDL06)
LSB-The Hurting Dont Say it-(SPEAR047)-WEB-2013-D23
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y. Rework)-WEB-2013
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y. Rework) [320-WEB-2013]
Lucio De Rimanez-Kung Fu EP-WEB-2012
Lucio De Rimanez-Sorrows of Curem Frolic-(MUTE8004)-WEB-2012-D23
Lucio De Rimanez-Synthetic Life-WEB-2013
Lymitess-Above and Beyond RMX EP-WSRR023-WEB-2013
Lynx - Balloons Passing Time-WEB-2012
Machine Code-Fuzzy Logic-(AGRO01)-WEB-2012-D23
Macky Gee-Load it Bounce-(G13D018)-WEB-2012
Mad Complex - Head Banger-WEB-2012
Maestropiano & Redston-Reminiscence (ABD092)
Mage--Let Me Go EP-(CLS201202)-WEB-2012-WUS
Mage-Temptation EP-CLS040-WEB-2013
Mage-The Tides Of Unknown-KINC050-WEB-2013
Malk-Get Brain-(YSFDNB016)-WEB-2012
Mampi Swift-History Sampler-(CHRG045)-WEB-2012
Marcus Ezra-Thinking - Sepia Tones-(SBR033EP)-WEB-2013-YOU
Marcus Intalex-Cabal-RECIPE031-2012 Plangton
Marcus Visionary-Bass Report-NB006-2012 Plangton
Mastaba Audio-Mephisto-SCULTDIG007-2012
Mastif - Enter The Dark Rift EP-(MTRDEP031)-WEB-2013-EMP
Matrix and Futurebound-Universal Truth-MTRVPRLP001-CD-2007
Mayhem & Impulse Pacific ?– Chamber (Mindscape VIP) Surfacing
Maztek and Treo-Dogu Machinist-(SYNDROME022)-WEB-2012-D23
Maztek-Galactica Odyssey-(HWARE022)-WEB-2012-D23
Maztek-New Dimension EP-SUBCULTDIG007-WEB-2008
Mechanical Pressure-Nostromo EP-DIGIPOT46-WEB-2013
Mechanical Pressure-Plant Squares EP (RFDD022)-RFDD022-WEB-2012
Medical Mix [MEDIC31](2012)
Mediks-Terminal vs Lights-APORN030-WEB-2013
Mefjus M-Force - Abandon Struggle and Pain-[BRD012]-WEB-2012
Mefjus and Kasra-Signalz Cypher-(CRIT069)-WEB-2013
Mefjus-Zero Method-DISTURBD026
Memro-Droplets Distance-(PROX041)-WEB-2013
Menace Borderline – Crooked EP-2012-WEB
Mikal-Foundation Dimension-(FORCE081)-WEB-2012-D23
Mind Technologies Vol 1-(MTRDLP005)-WEB-2012
Mindscape-Martian Chronicles-(SUICIDECD012)-WEB-2012
Mindstorm-Mars Attacks vs Diary Of A Badboy-MSR081-WEB-2013
Mindstorm-The Walking Dead vs Apocalypse Now-MSR081-WEB-2013
Mineral - Harbour Sunse
Minor Rain – In The Depth Of My Soul
Minor Rain - Rainy Times EP (FKZLTD 2012007)
Minor Rain - Rainy Times EP (FKZLTD2012007)
Minor Rain-Burn it Out EP-(SYNDROME025)-WEB-2013
Mise En Place Pt 1 (RECIPE029)
Mistical-The Eleventh Hour-SOULR025CD-CD-2007
Mob Tactics-Headlock-Whatever-(MOBBED001DG)-WEB-2012
Mob Tactics-Peroxide Path of Least Resistance-(ANODYNE003)-WEB-2012
Modified Motion and Faction-Don't Go that Isn't Enuff (the Remixes)-(INNODA001)-WEB-2013
Mooncat-Fade Away Nu Stop-(DIGIPOT045)-WEB-2013
Motion - Going Deeper-TDMDB0059-2012
Mr Joseph-Floating Island EP-(LV030DD)-WEB-2013
Msdos-Cosmic Keys EP-(SDRRLS79)-WEB-2013
mSdoS-Dust 2 Dust-Chords & Jazz-(LD02)-WEB-2012
Msdos-Summer Love EP-(FOKUZ2013029)-WEB-2013
Msdos-Trumpet Toys Part 2 EP-(LD016)-WEB-2013
Mtwn - Pressure EP [BFAD025]
MTWN-Architecture EP-(PROX037)-WEB-2012
Mutated Forms-Best Served Cold vs Look What You Have Done-CIAUKDK003-WEB-2012
Mutated Forms-Smalltalk Powder Demon-(SPEAR046)-WEB-2012
Mystification-8 Core Inside-(BH002CD)-WEB-2012-BPM
N Resources & Sailent - Heartache EP (WRS002B)
N.Phect And Dizplay - Beautiful Bytes -2006 - BWCD03
N.Phect and Telekinesis - Machines Blackwhite (OBSE017)
Naibu-Into The Distance (Remix) vs Apparitions-HZNX004-WEB-2012
Naibu-There-INSIDE019 Remix-2012 Plangton
Nanci and Phoebe Feat Congo Natty-Notorious-(CONGOBASS001)-WEB-2012-D23
NB007-KILLLA MOSQUITO feat MR WILLIAMZ-Ganja (Marcus Visionary Remixes)-2013-320
NC 17-Minimal Exploitation EP-STILLA006-WEB-2013
NC-17-Slughs Path Remixes-(GRD5001)-WEB-2012-D23
Ncamargo-Autumn Rising EP-(KINC041)-WEB-2012
Nclear-Arabian Vibe-FILM046-2012
Need for Mirrors Vs Heavy1 and P Fine-Palace Thought Police-(YBI001)-WEB-2012-D23
Need for Mirrors-Interzone Fabric-(ZOLTAR003)-WEB-2012-D23
Need for Mirrors-Vimana Snubnose-(PLAYAZ028)-WEB-2012-D23
Nelver - Beautiful EP (CO03)
Nelver and Lion (SLK)-Rabbit and the Lion-(SLK028)-WEB-2012-D23
Nelver-Memories EP-FOKUZ13034-WEB-2013
Nelver-Passing The Obstructions-(SLK027)-WEB-2012
Neonlight - Byte Bites Bit EP (LFTD012)
Neve - Flip the Switches (FLXA012)
NickBee - Rush - Human Race (HZNX006)
Nickbee-New Born Star EP-(PRINT006)-WEB-2012
Nickbee-You Know the Fat Pie-(IIIIIIIII04)-WEB-2013-D23
Nitri-Ion EP-RFDD024-WEB-2012
No Remorse-The Half Step EP-DISTURBED2012009-WEB-2012
Nocturnal Catacomb ?– Paralyzed Filthy Fucking Faces VIP
Noel & Krysiz - Operator - Bore (TAMP3045)
Noel, Traffic, Kash, Armed - Red Zone EP (HUSDEP012)
Noel and Exit 9-The World vs Upsetting-ALIGN005-WEB-2012
Nookie - Only You (2012 Remixes-PART 1) (PZD033)
Nova-Shadow Puppets Remixes-(CLBR022)-WEB-2012-D23
Nscape-Big Brother EP-ICARUSDIG007-WEB-2013
NuLogic-What Ive Always Waited For-NHS231DDS-WEB-2013
Nusense and Grimm-Nightmare Express Self Control-(HUSD009)-WEB-2012-D23
Nymfo & Proxima. Backstage Passes l Mental Case (RWARE06)
Nymfo-Suddenly vs Air Jacks-SUICIDE068-WEB-2013
Octane and DLR-Method in the Madness LP Sampler-DISODLP001S-WEB-2012
Octane and DLR-Method In The Madness-DISODLP001SU-WEB-2012
Ogonek-Classics Vol 1-MTFZ020-WEB-2012
Ogonek-Hall of the All Dream on-(SICKDIG017)-WEB-2012-D23
Oliver York-Dreamer Foolin-(FILM048)-WEB-2012
Optiv & BTK – Drop The Funk EP [PLAYAZ033]
Optiv and BTK-Sabretooth-(DAUDIO013)-WEB-2012
Optiv and CZA-Bring It Back vs Dont Look Now-SGN032-WEB-2013
Optiv BTK-Dirty Tricks-VRS009LP-2012
Optiv-Krakpot Remixes-(C2D011)-WEB-2012-D23
Original Sin-Mad World EP-PLAYAZ029D-WEB-2012
Outer Heaven-Blades Second Light-(PROX038)-WEB-2013
PA-Dirty Patch EP-MHERTZDIG005-WEB-2012
Paimon and Place 2B-Darko EP-YSFB013-WEB-2012
Paperclip - Dead Space EP (2009)
Paradox - Dirty City (PM025)
Parhelia-Astralaguna EP-RMA002-2012 Plangton
Pennygiles Roygreen and Protone-Entity Shadow Chasers-(SMPTM011)-WEB-2012-D23
Pessimist-Eastern Prophet Hydraulics-(BURIED002)-WEB-2013
Peter Kurten-Mindmachine EP-EBDIGI049-WEB-2013
Phace + N.Phect N.Phect + Dizplay ?- Confront Brute Force 2006
Phace-Psycho LP (Deluxe Edition)-NDGTLLP001-WEB-2013
Phat Playaz – Lips EP (FOKUZ2012018)
Phentix-One Journey-LQBDIG090-2012
Philly Blunt-Need For Mirrors vs Seven feat Alys Be-PB020-VINYL-2013
Philth - Inspiration EP (PPRDINTL021)
Physical Illusion-Contraband Funk-CLS2012014 EP-2012
Physical Illusion-Toxin LP-INTLG054-WEB-2013
Place 2B & Paimon - The Dark Defender (2013) [320]
Place 2B and Paimon-The Dark Defender LP Sampler-(CITRUSLP006S)-WEB-2013
Plusk-Plusk Remixes Part One-(NWORK007)-WEB-2012
Pouyah-Prevail EP-SDRRLS48-WEB-2012
Pre Session (Original 12 Version) (GLR003DVS)
Program-Programmed V1.0-(PRGRAM006D)-WEB-2013-XXW
Proket & Identity-PROKET001-2012
Prolix feat MC COPPA-On Like That EP-PLAYAZ027D-WEB-2012
Prolix Ft DLR and Silent Witness-Originate Stale Habits-(TKRUK003)-WEB-2013
Prolix-Over You vs Pick Pocket-C4CDIGUK014-WEB-2012
Prolix-The Fury Sonorous-(GTEK006)-WEB-2008
Promenade – Everyone 2013
Proton Kid - Atomic LP [EMR32] [2013] [WEB-320]
Pryzma-The Galaxy In Danger EP-(KOSMOS014DGTL)-WEB-2012
Psyek - Retribution EP-(DFMTD021)-WEB-2013
Psyek-Distant Earth-DFMTD019-2012 Plangton
Pulsar-Without A Trace EP-(DNBB026)-WEB-2012
QBIG-Sleepless vs Atelophobia-BEATDIG012-WEB-2012
Qo - Control Room The Remixes EP (OTRDIG015)
QO-Infected Warstomp-(CITRUS051)-WEB-2012-D23
Quadrant Subsonik and Kantyze-Pyramid Scheme-(SOM025)-WEB-2013-D23
Raiden and Meth-Millimallikas Deep Field-(PROX035)-WEB-2012-D23
Random Movement and Dave Owen-Childs Play Connections-(PMD003)-WEB-2012-D23
Random Movement and Dialogue-Sounds of the Innerground Pt. 2-(INN057)-WEB-2013
Random Movement-Drawn by Intrigue EP-(INTRIGUE010)-WEB-2012
Random Movement-The Note from Next Door-PZD028-WEB-2012
Ravager-Last Night EP-(INFLUENZA031)-WEB-2013
Raw Q - I Want Him Dead EP (INTRIGUE011)
Red Army LP-(YSFDNB019)-(2013)
Red Army LP (2013)
RED MATH-Make You Rock EP-(USA1101)-WEB-2013
Red Tape-Mechanic EP-YSFB012 EP-2012 Plangton
Redject-Particles EP-(DISTURBED2012005)-WEB-2012
Redject-Retrochrone EP-MTRDEP028-WEB-2012
Regular Basis-Strange Beginnings EP-(DBD201344)-WEB-2013
Rehabilitation Units-Winter Last Meal-(LQDZ018)-WEB-2013
Rene LaVice - Insidious [2013][320]
Rene LaVice-Absolute Monster EP-RAMM119D-WEB-2012
Renegade Recordings - New Horizons (RRLP07CD, 2006)
CD1 (Mixed by Phobia)
CD2 (Unmixed CD)
Retraflex Ben Fawce-Apocalypse The Remixes-FLXA008-2012 Plangton
Revolt-Substance EP-(SUS0044)-WEB-2012
Rico-Unleash The Dogs-DGC004-WEB-2012
Rowpieces Soulcube-Soul Food EP-SDRRLS59-WEB-2012
Rowpieces-Follow Your Senses EP-(FOKUZ2012013)-WEB-2012-D23
Roy Green and Protone-2 Hours Think of You-(DOWNTIME001)-WEB-2012
RoyGreen & Protone - Left Behind In Sadness (CLS026V)
RoyGreen and Protone - Backyard Grooves EP-(INFORM007)-WEB-2013
Roygreen and Protone and Monologue-Midnight Walker EP-(FOKUZ2012026)-WEB-2012
Roygreen and Protone-Joyride Gray Jazz-(PMD006)-WEB-2013
Roygreen and Protone-Life Under Construction Bethnal Green-(EMOTION015)-WEB-2013
RoyGreen Protone Monologue – Moonwalker Factory River
Rregula - I'm Still Here (RDK001)
Ruffhouse-Pellet vs Classified-ALIGN009-WEB-2012
S.P.Y - What The Future Holds (Special Edition) mp3
S.T. Files and Response-Nailbomb Hard Times-(RECIPE033)-WEB-2013
Sabre and Halogenix-Halo Danger vs Laika-DIS058-WEB-2012
Sacred Souls Vol.3 [SDRRLS63]- 2012
Savage Rehab - 4Ward EP
Savage Rehab-Degree-LV026DD EP-2012
Scale-Gyroscope vs Starbugs-D9REC004-WEB-2013
Science Fiction-Whispers LP-TAMFREE029-WEB-2012
Scott Allen & Faible - Silence (INTLG046)
Scott Allen-Inner Beauty EP-(CLS023)-WEB-2012
Scro, LM1 & Handra – Unexpected EP (INFLUENZA003)
Scro-Antinomy Lament EP-(EMCEE025)-WEB-2013
Seba - Too Much Too Soon-(SECOPS019)-WEB-2012
Semantics and Future Signal-Earthbound EP-(MTRDEP029)-WEB-2012
Serial Killaz-In Your Eyes Lovely Woman-(KILLAZ005DG)-WEB-2012
Serum-Control EP-(COLAB027D)-WEB-2013-D23
Serum-Deadly Venom Prototype-(DREADUK018)-WEB-2012-D23
Serum-Firin Line EP-(AWDEP002)-WEB-2013
Serum-Horn Track Strings Tune-(PLV031DD)-WEB-2013
Severity Zero-Analysis Paralysis EP-(CLS037)-WEB-2013
Shadowboxerz-Awakenings EP-(OFFWORLD013)-WEB-2011
Shiver-Xtrvrt Camo-(PA004)-WEB-2013
Silence Groove-Eat Me Softly-(OFFWORLD021)-WEB-2012
Silent Witness-Magnetize vs Run Time-DIS061-WEB-2012
Simplification-Keep Me Now EP-CLS2012030-WEB-2012
Sinnerfire Potassium & Joskour - SKY Bridge (SON002)
Sinuous LP-SINLP001-WEB-2012
Skyweep – What Dreams May Come EP (CLS039)
Soligen-Hiccup EP-SYNDROME13011-WEB-2013
Soul Food EP-SDRRLS59-WEB-2012
Soul Connection-Love for Sale EP-(SDRRLS73)-WEB-2013
Soul Connection-Spectrum EP-(INFORM005)-WEB-2012
Soul Culture-See You Again EP-STEP021-WEB-2012
Soulculture-Summer Vibes EP-SDRRLS51-WEB-2012
Soultec and Joakuim-No Fuss No Fight EP-(SRR004)-WEB-2013
Sound Tactix-An Escape-SONREC004-2012
Specimen A - Slam Dunk-(FTECH054D)-WEB-2012-YOU
Spinline-Darpa Monday Luv (Chronic)-(DIS059)-WEB-2012-D23
Spirant-Slang vs Hollow Space-SUBEDIT003-WEB-2013
State Of Mind-Azwell-SOM023-2012 Plangton
State of Mind-Deadzone Remix-(SOM020)-WEB-2012-D23
Statistic-Bad Start EP-(DIGIPOT037)-WEB-2012
Strange Beginnings
Subsonik Sound-Fourward and Insideinfo-SSS001-WEB-2008
Sunchase - Hooksworld - Identify (IA003)
Sunchase - Stop Killing + Password - CITRUS032
Sunchase & NickBee-Life Simulator-Full HD-(REVREC024)-WEB-2013
Sunchase and Nickbee-As We Look-2222003-WEB-2013
Sunchase and Nickbee-Cardboard EP-(HZN057EP)-WEB-2012-D23
Sunny Crimea - No Game (INFLUENZA008)
Superior Selectionz-Red Sky EP-(INTRIGUE014)-WEB-2013
Survey-Grid Sheet All in All-(PA005)-WEB-2013
Survival & Silent Witness - In From The Wild (Continuous LP Version)
Survival and Break-Stano-Going Over-(DIS062)-WEB-2012
Survival and Silent Witness-In form the Wild LP Sampler-(DISSSLP001SD)-WEB-2013
Syncopix-Disc Go EP-SYNCLP001S-WEB-2008-
Talent-Duplicity Game with Fire-(MSR075)-WEB-2012
TC-Remix EP-TCDP008-WEB-2013
Technical Itch - The Machine Mind EP (320)
Technical Itch-Digital Rollage Vol 1-2012 Plangton
Technical Itch-The Failed Evolution EP-(TID009)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Technimatic - Unfinished Business She Knows It (SGN029)
Teddy Killerz-New Drums vs Double Thinking-BT026DD-WEB-2012
Teebee vs Future Prophecies - Let The Bass Kick & Worm
Telekinesis-The Nightwalkers EP-EATBRAIN006-WEB-2013
Tephra-Resistance EP-TB002-WEB-2012
Terminal State-Recognition vs Morpho-VA003-WEB-2012
Terminal State-Robot State EP-FTDIGREC12-WEB-2012
TG4-Raggamuffin Gangster EP-GNB032-WEB-2013
The Sect - Angel Protected (TSMDIGI001)
The Upbeats - Primitive Technique (2013)
The Upbeats - Undertaker
The Best Of Luv Vol 2 (Incl Remixes And Vips)
the bitrebelz-off the hook-(web)-2012
The Brookes Brothers-LoveLine vs The Blues-BBK045-WEB-2012
The Sect feat Hostile MC-Beware vs Closer-MUTE8009-WEB-2013
The Sect Feat Hostile MC-Indoctrination-(TSM001)-WEB-2012-D23
The Upbeats-Alone EP-(VSN014)-WEB-2013
The Upbeats-Blindfold Krypto-(NONVOGUE006)-WEB-2012-D23
Thesys-Interferenz EP-(T3K036)-WEB-2012
Thesys-Outer Space EP-YSFDNBC002-WEB-2012
Thesys-Quantum Chaos Aftermath-(TCYCLED013)-WEB-2013
Thing-Back to the Old Vibes-(DEPTH010)-WEB-2012
Thing-Hunting You Step Up-(DEPTH014)-WEB-2012
Tom Small-Skepticism EP-(DFMTD018)-WEB-2012
Total Science Presents Tuned In 2
Total Recall and Version-Theres Evil There Murderous-(HNRDIGI010)-WEB-2012-D23
Total Science vs Need For Mirrors-Dramaz vs Limits Of Control-SKYZ0011-WEB-2012
Treex-Want To Stay-SDRRLS80-WEB-2013
Trei Hooves - Moonshine-EP-(SAN003)-WEB-2012
Trei Feat MC Tali-Homecoming Misfits-(SOM024)-WEB-2012
Trei-Change Your Mind-(SOM026)-WEB-2013
Treo-EXPATRIATE-FREAKMP3037-2012 Plangton
Trex-Lights Out-LOCDIG012 EP-2012 Plangton
TriaMer - Techno Power (NL1GKDIGI012)
Trisector And Infader-Wired-HUSDEP011 EP-2012
Turno-Wildcard EP-(HSDG007)-WEB-2012
Tyke - Buzzards EP (GRIDUK054DD)
Ulterior Motive-Right Here vs The Elephant Tune-META007-WEB-2013
Ulterior Motive-Versus EP-(SUBTITLESUK018D)-WEB-2012-D23
Utah Jazz--Groove Therapy-(VTGCD002)-WEB-2012-OMA
V8-Our Generation EP-(SSTDMP3013)-WEB-2012
VA - Collective Elements Vol. 2
VA - R.E.C.A.L.L. EP (CITRUS2012002)
VA - Sick Music 3 (2012) [320]
VA - Total Science Presents Tuned In 2 (CIAUKCD 001)
VA Eternal Pain Response 2010
VA - Dominator Suck Satans Cock-(PRSPCT020)-WEB-2012-SRG
VA - Dominator Suck Satans Cock- PRSPCT020 -WEB-2012-SRG
VA - Mind Technologies Vol. 2 (MTRDLP06)-WEB-2012-TR
VA - Revolution (BSDGTL025)-WEB-2012-TR
VA-002 VA EP-2222002 EP-2012 Plangton
VA-27-100424 11-2012
VA-Across the Board EP-(SEMTEX001EP)-WEB-2013
VA-Aerial Vibes Vol.1-(AERIAL018)-WEB-2012
VA-Aftershock Series EP-DAUDIO09-2012
VA-Avantgarde LTD 01-[AVANTLTD001]-[WEB 320]-[2012]
VA-Bass Unit-SOULLTD013 EP-2012
VA-Being With You EP-INFLUENZA006 EP-2012 Plangton
VA-Believe In Mankind-FOKUZ13032-WEB-2013
VA-Best of 2012 Compilation-(RETROSPECT001)-WEB-2013
VA-Best Of Influenza Vol 2-INFLUCOMP002-2012 Plangton
VA--Big Bad and Heavy Part 3-(BBHDD003)-WEB-2012-OMA
VA-Bloody Mess-C2DMP3040 EP-2012 Plangton
VA-Borderline Spectre-(QRNPLATE002)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Calypso Allstars Volume 3-(CALYPSOD003)-WEB-2012
VA-Captured Moments EP-FOKUZ2012024-2012
VA-Cardinals-HZN055-2012 Plangton
VA-City of Soul-NXG017D-WEB-2012
VA-Cold Threat EP-(ICARUSDIG008)-WEB-2013
VA-Collapsed Pulsar (Remixes)-(CITRUS053)-WEB-2012
VA-Commercial Suicide Is Painless Vol 1-[SUICIDEDIG002]-[WEB-320-2012-Mp3]
VA-Deceived Reality LP-TRIM034-WEB-2012
VA-Deep Inside My Soul-PZD031 EP-2012
VA-Degrees Fahrenheit Vol 2-CLS2012004LP-2012
VA-Deterrence Theory-BNC024-2012
VA-Dilligence vs My Soul-UM010-WEB-2012
VA-Disturbulence Vol. 1-(DISTURBD13016)-WEB-2013
VA-Droneheads (Octane and DLR Remix) vs 6th Element (Dub Phizix Remix)-ALIGN007-WEB-2012
VA-Drum and Bass on Demand (Unmixed Tracks)-(DMNDLP01D)-WEB-2012
VA-Drum And Basstards-DTR018-2012
VA-Easy Blues EP-LUSH004 EP-2012
VA-Ego Death-MINDTECH002-2012
VA-Essential Forms (Klute Remix) Sam Ol Me-(MARS005)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Fifty Five-FOKUZ055-CD-2013
VA-Fokuz And Friendz Vol 3-FOKUZFRIENDZ003-2012
VA-Folklore Heckler-DUAD002-2012
VA-Future Without Past-[DSM008]-CD-2008
Disc #1
Disc #2
VA-Genesis EP Pt 4-(META005)-WEB-2012
VA-Gravitational Lensing Armored Core-(C2D010)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Hanami Edition-INTLG047-2012 Plangton
VA-Haters-DISTURBD031 EP-2012-Plangton
VA-Imagination of Yourself EP-(ROOTED001)-WEB-2012
VA-Influenza Symptoms Vol 1-INFLUENZA017-WEB-2012
VA-Juice Blender Files Vol.1-(JUICEBLENDERCOMP001)-WEB-2012
VA-Kartel State-ID009 EP-2012
VA-Keep Your Head High-IMLTD1205-2012
VA-Killer EP-(DISTURBED2012006)-WEB-2012
VA-Knowledge is Power EP-(5055721806726)-WEB-2013
VA-Kosmopolitic EP Part 3-KOSMOS017DGTL-(WEB)-2012-FiNALLY
VA-Lastik Raya-(DISLTD007)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Life Circles-BRREC007DG-WEB-2012
VA-Lifeforms Lusca-(IA002)-WEB-2013
VA-Limber EP-(HWARE023)-WEB-2013
VA-Limber EP-(HWARE23)-WEB-2013
VA-Liquidnation EP Vol 2-KOSMOS018DGTL-2012 Plangton
VA-Lost on the Wave-(DISTURBD13014)-WEB-2013
VA-Love Is The Devil Remixes Part Three-BMT009-2012 Plangton
VA-Love so True (VIP) vs Watch Out (Enei Remix)-SYMM012-WEB-2013
VA-Matter of Fats EP-CA005-WEB-2012
VA-Memories Of War-SUS0036-2012
VA-Mise en Place EP Pt 2-RECIPE035-WEB-2013
VA-Mr.Gibbs EP-(CLS2012012)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-My Baby Wants An Aeroplane-VR023-WEB-2012
VA-Never Afraid High Times-(FF019)-WEB-2013
VA-Oblique Motive WEB-SYNDROME2012006-WEB-2012
VA-One Scratch vs Sound Clash-PRGRAM002D-WEB-2012
VA-Organiser (Foreign Concept Remix) vs One Chance (Emperor Remix)-CRIT065LTD-WEB-2012
VA-Proximity Effect Volume 1-PROXLP003-2012
VA-Pure Gold (Feat Kemo)-RAMM124D-2012 Plangton
VA-Purple Sky EP-IMLTD1208 EP-2012 Plangton
VA-RA007 EP-(RA007)-WEB-2013
VA-Re Play-DCR017 LP-2012
VA-Really Nasty Jailtime-(BKN002)-WEB-2012
VA-REMIX EP VOL 1-C4CDIGUK013-2012 Plangton
VA-Reptile vs Incursion-ANODYNE002-WEB-2012
Various - Critical X (CRITDIGILP02)
Various - Hiddentunes Part 1 (2012) 320
Various ?- Holding Room EP
Various Artists - 94' Jumble EP (2013)
Various Artists - Level 2 Presents Viva Brazil
Various Artists-Connessione Connections Volume 1
VA-Rise Audio 006 EP-RA006-WEB-2012
VA-Rise of the Under Dogs Compilation LP
VA-Rise of the Under Dogs Compilation LP-(IMLTD038)-WEB-2012
VA-Rotary Motion vs Serendipity-INT024-WEB-2012
VA-Sabretooth (Audio Remix) Grit-(DAUDIO014)-WEB-2013
VA-Seek Out-AUTHENTIC001 EP-2012 Plangton
VA-Sequence Two EP-(CRIT064EP)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Series-EP-Volume-Three-DAUDIO011-2012 Plangton
VA-Shogun Audio Evolution EP Series 4-(SHA062)-WEB-2012
VA-Shogun Audio Evolution EP Series 4-(SHA062)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Songs form The Living Dead Part 1-(BWARE012)-WEB-2012
VA-Structure Volume 1-SUBDVSNCOMP-2012
VA-Subject 9 EP-(IMLTD039)-WEB-2013
VA-Take Me Away-CITRUS2012004-2012 Plangton
VA-Telaphase-MTRD004-2012 Plangton
VA-Templar-SIN022-2012 Plangton
VA-Temptation EP-(CITRUS13009)-WEB-2013
VA-The Lost Tapes EP-DTR039-WEB-2012
VA-The 100th-LQBDIG100-2012 Plangton
VA-The Crown Jewels EP-REG006-WEB-2012
VA-The Flavours EP Vol 5-PLAYAZ034-WEB-2003
VA-The InfraSound Vol4-RED013-WEB-2013
VA-The Juices EP Vol 1-FIZZY005-WEB-2012
VA-The Juices EP Vol 2-FIZZY006-WEB-2012
VA-The Melting Pot Chronicles Part 1-DIGIPOT38-2012 Plangton
VA-The Other Side-(SYMMCD003)-WEB-2012
VA-The Outcast EP-(C4CDIGUK018)-WEB-2013
VA-The Radius LP-(RADIUSLP01)-WEB-2013
VA-The Rolling Fog-DUADIGI001 EP-2012
VA-The Session EP-(GLR002DVS)-WEB-2013
VA-The Underpass EP Pt 2-DUST003D-WEB-2013
VA-The Underpass EP-DUST002D-WEB-2012
VA-The Way it is Stroke of Genius (Jazz VIP)-(JAZ010)-WEB-2013
VA-Thumper EP-(MATDIG012)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Timerider Jarhead-(BT025DD)-WEB-2012-D23
VA-Titans-OTRDIGLP002 LP-2012 Plangton
VA-Tokyo Blur-(FOKUZ2012016)-WEB-2012
VA-Tripswitch and Co-(TRIPDIG012)-WEB-2012
VA-Ultimate Drum And Bass Vol 7-LWUDB07-2012
VA-Very Important EP-PLAYAZ023D-WEB-2012
VA-Vintage EP-ICARUSDIG006-WEB-2013
VA-Visions In My Mind-RRD033-2012 Plangton
VA-Vocal Sessions-CLS2012011-2012
VA-What Lies Ahead-CLS2012028 EP-2012 Plangton
VA-Winters Call EP-(FKZLTD13012)-WEB-2013
VA-Your World EP-CLS025-WEB-2012
VA-Zombieaters Hell and Heart Beat-(BGRDM013)-WEB-2012-D23
Vicious Circle-Videogames (Vicious Circle Bootleg Mix) vs Emmas Dilemma-FREE-WEB-2012
Vidual-Samurai EP-(ARDIG091)-WEB-2012
Villem - Shimmer EP-(MEDIC30-WEB)-2012-DD
Voyage-The Destroyer EP-(EMCEE023)-WEB-2012
VRH-Kozmodrom EP-ARX037-WEB-2012
Way Of The Samurai 2 - Code Of Honour
Well Being Hobzee & Zyon Base ?– Lend Me Your Troubles Unspoken
Wickaman & Suddendef & RV-Snarl Something Deeper-(RED019)-WEB-2013
Wreckage Machinery-Mechanicum EP-TRIM032-WEB-2012
Wreckage Machinery-Other Side EP-WEB-2012
Wright & Bastard, Sumo Lounge - The Week 2013
Xplasm-Xplasm EP-TDMDB0063-WEB-2012
Xtrah-Shock Treatment Going Deeper-(SGN033)-WEB-2013
Y2D-Prose EP-(LFS027)-WEB-2012
Yabol - Awareness LP [PERKDNB016] [2013] [WEB] [320]
Zardonic - Those Who Know The Truth
Zen & Coda - Joints (SWITCHRECORD001)

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